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Founded in the early 1990s by Andy Nichols, Teamlink/SMG has roots that run deep in the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountain ranges of VA, WV and MD. Growing up in Virginia, with the headwaters of the Rappahannock River out his back door and the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah National Park out his front door, it was only natural to develop a deep and abiding love of the outdoor world in which he was immersed.

Despite life experiences that have often taken him far from his Blue Ridge home, the region continues to be the focal point of his life and his life’s work. Today, as the Director of Programs, he surrounds himself with a staff that shares a strong love and respect for the natural world

TEAMLINK is known for providing experiential and adventure programs in team development and personal growth. Specializing in the development of corporate teams and youth character formation, Teamlink has received wide acclaim from the North American business community as well as from regional public and private school systems.

SHENANDOAH MOUNTAIN GUIDES, operating from its base high in the Blue Ridge, is a recognized leader in mountain sports and outdoor education and is the premier guiding service for Shenandoah National Park and the surrounding mountains.

OUR ADVENTURES run the gamut from guided waterfall rappels to sunset paddling trips, from afternoon hikes to amazing rock climbing

OUR CLASSES are taught by the best instructors and facilitators in the country.

  • Land and Water Navigation – how to use a compass and topographic maps / nautical charts and the interpretation of aids to navigation and topographic features to travel safely and accurately.
  • Survival Skills – how to stay alive and safe in four season, multiple environment conditions.
  • Low Impact Skills – how to live and travel responsibly in the outdoors (Leave No Trace)
  • Adventure activity planning – How to prepare for the “What ifs…?” and the “Now what’s?”
  • Team building and group dynamics
  • Selection, use, care and maintenance of activity-specific gear and equipment.
  • Safety, Wilderness First Aid and self-rescue techniques
  • Physical conditioning for adventure activities and pursuits
  • Historical and environmental education and interpretation
  • Outdoor leadership.

OUR PASSION is having folks join us, learn and then embark on their own adventures with their newly developed skills