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Our guided adventures range from “soft adventures” – trekking and hiking, to “epic endeavors” on the waterfalls and crags in the Blue Ridge  and Potomac Highlands of VA, WV and MD.  All of which are guided by our world class staff.


From day-hikes to spectacular points of interest .. to four-day adventure treks into  remote mountainous wilderness, (and everything in between), we provide the gear and guidance… Be ready to experience the range from sublime to intense. Each trekking and hiking program is tailored to your specific desires! Please e-mail or call us to begin the planning…

Rock Climbing/Rappelling

Our climbing program is one of the most respected in the East. Our numerous local crags ensure that our clients are challenged, and learn at all levels.


Long before this sport had a name, the staff of SMG would spend hours exploring the streams that tumbled off the steeps and out of the canyons of our mountains. Rappelling, jumping sliding, swimming, splashing. The best way in the world to cool off on a hot summer day… Now its one of the hottest adventuresports in the world!