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If you think the idea of traveling across a mountain wilderness, guided by only a map and compass makes for great adventure reading and daydreaming… being able to do it is even better!

Or maybe it’s venturing off into the hills, with everything you need to thrive in the backcountry on your back.. or paddling down a remote mountain stream, with the confidence that, no matter what, you are prepared for any circumstance…

We can guide you as you develop your skills in a wide variety of outdoor pursuits. As long time practitioners and nationally recognized teachers, we realize that the absolute best way to achieve proficiency is learning by doing. We want the lessons to come from interactive “guided discoveries” in the field… not thru classroom lecture and discussion.

Regardless of whether you are a novice, a practiced intermediate, or an old hand, our educational programs and trips are tailored to ensure that each person is challenged to be the best they can.

If your desire is to learn a skill, expand your experiences, or master a mountain adventuresport, we are your resource.

Land Navigation

Learning to use a magnetic compass, a map, the sun and more to determine “Where you are”, “Where are you going” and “How you are going to get there”… a basic skill all outdoors enthusiasts should master..

Basic Outdoor Skills

A course for all outdoor enthusiasts, this class focuses on the key elements to not simply surviving, but thriving when outdoor adventures turn into challenges. (Know what to do when the “what ifs?” turn into the “now whats?”)

Backcountry Trip Leadership

This is THE course for anyone who is planning to lead others into the outdoors: Scout leaders, outdoor school staff, outdoor educators, outing club staff…